Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to Motherhood

Welcome to Motherhood

I had always heard that a “Mother is born when the child is..” but experienced it for the first and probably only time when my son “Aadit” was born on the 29th of March 2011.

I don’t know how and why but I was always a bit of “nastik” not that I didn’t believe in GOD but was not all that into it. I always felt all these prayers n worshipping’s were just for the heck of it, for people to feel the comfort that someone will take care of them when they are unable to take care of things around.

It was in august 2010 when I was asked to go for a brief period to US through my company and I so didn’t want to go. After having spent 2 years already without my hubby dear in US, I knew how it was to stay without him. And at no cost I wanted to experience it ever again. But since going to US for work was important so I couldn’t say no without any real reasons. I was all set; my tickets were booked, all other arrangements were done and still deep within me I was praying hard “God - please do something, I don’t want to go”.

Did I mention that I had been trying to conceive for the last 6 months and was under medication to set my hormones right.

I don’t know when did my hormones start to behave normally and to my surprise, I was pregnant and I actually found out 5 days before my travel date. I never imagined that God really answers your prayer and he actually exists but this time he did.

I found that I was pregnant while my hubby was out of India for a week. With the “positive” report in my hand I didn’t know how to react, who to share my news with and how to celebrate my happiness.

How I wished my hubby was here with me. Well, I had prayed hard for me not going to US (not my hubby) and that had been answered. So this made me happy, actually much more than happy J.

Days and months passed by, with all the ups and downs of pregnancy that once faces and here I was in the 9th month, trying hard to hold my emotions and anxiousness and nervousness and all other feelings, and all at the same time.

I so wanted to deliver and see our by-product in my arms but I was waiting and this wait didn’t seem to end.

My sister had come over to our mum’s place (that’s where I was) during her kid’s holidays and was with me to give me all the comfort but she was so looking forward for her nephew/niece to be born and would always tell me, please have the baby while am here else I wont be able to spend time with my little one.

It was March end and I was so frustrated and tired that I don’t know why or how, I again looked back at dear God. I just told my sis to make some offerings for God and I would like to go to temple on Tuesday early morning and pray to God. Little did I know that God would again listen to my prayers and actually revert.

The Monday night (or Tuesday early morning around 4 AM), I had started getting pains (THE Pains) and I was so restless the whole of that night. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to wake up people and tell them that “hey baby is on the way” or are these false pains. So I kept quite and tried to bear the pain.

I got up quite early around 6 in the morning and went out and sat in open and fresh air trying to speculate if the day has come. I still wasn’t sure if I should tell my mom, coz if these are not the real pains, she would get anxious and worried. I kept quite and later woke my sis up and told her, I guess the day has come and told her to make the offerings.

I went to take bath and later helped my sis with the preparation. Both my hubby and me then went to temple and I was all this while telling him, the day has come. He was not ready to believe as the date the doctors were expecting was still about a week later.

I had asked my Dad to leave the car, as I wanted to go to doc for a checkup. Later we left for doc at about 11 AM with my hubby and mom.

Little did anyone expect that I would be admitted there and then and it actually happened. My mom looked so tensed at the thought of C-section that I would be undergoing. My husband was still under the shock and he didn’t realize it till much later. He went to bring my Dad from court to hospital and Mom sat and prayed the whole time. I would say she was more anxious than I was J I was holding my calm till I could.

Thanks to all my friends and sisters who had told me set of things that would happen before I would be operated. It actually helps you to be mentally prepared and don’t (over) react to what’s happening.

Well at about 2 PM, I was taken to the OT. Wooh… trust me I was not just cold feet; I was just cold all over. Dunno if it was that one gown making me cold, the experience that I was going to have or the AC in OT or that one small OT table to lie on.

I was asked to lie on that small operation table (cant explain what it look likes) but once you lie down and open and rest your each arm side ways, it looks like Jesus lying with his arms open. I was given the anesthesia to numb my lower body. The doc told me , this would numb my lower body so that I don’t experience anything that they would be doing but it wont put me to sleep immediately. This will also ensure that my baby doesn’t go off to sleep with me J

I was covered in all green sheet pieces and a sheet was also hanging right in front of my face so that I don’t scream at the sight of what these people do to my lower body. I was still feeling cold and very nervous. I was getting little drowsy now but I was trying hard not to fall off to sleep because I didn’t want to sleep without knowing that I have brought a life in this world. The doc came and they were chitchatting over my body discussing someone. It all seemed as though they were sitting for a cup of coffee with friends.

In less than 10 minutes, I heard a crying noise. I barely could open my eyes but the moment I heard a cry, a tear tickled down my eye and I just turned left and asked the lady standing there, is that a boy or girl. She said wait till doctor brings the baby back. Not sure if the doc brought the baby back immediately or he took a while but he was holding my baby trying to show me how he looks. I don’t remember seeing my baby there but all I got to know was, it was a baby boy. Now that I was sure all was well, I went off to sleep, I was given stiches and then was brought to the allocated room.

I must have slept for couple of hours and even after I woke up, I was still under the drugs influence but could hear my sisters, parents, brother-in-law, nephews, and niece all happy around. What a great feeling to have all your loved ones around and all happy J.

I was told that my baby was brought out where my mom, dad and husband were waiting. The baby was handed over to my husband. He was scared to hold him but he held him close to his heart and that’s when a father was born too. He couldn’t speak a single word but he was smiling and that’s what I saw him do the whole day “Smile”.

The 4th day when I was getting discharged, I was handed a pampers pack of diapers and it said “Welcome to Motherhood” J and I knew I had entered the reign the moment I heard the first cry of my baby in the OT.


  1. Grt blog..quite impressive writting:)

  2. Yep i agree abha... u did bring quite a few tear droplets in my eyes too... i got nostalgic bout my baby boy delivery too n besides i think its a unique feeling 4 every woman who becomes a mother.... n cannot be expressed so well in words... but u did a good job my fren... very good indeed 4 starters n all... Take care, All the best, Rgds !! Cheers :-)