Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Really Miss my Roommate..

My Roommate, My friend
Its the friendship which never ends

I was like a mother to her and she like a son
This was the relationship which was understood by none.

I was the one who always disturbed her, when she slept
And she was always there to console me, when I wept

We beat, ate and stayed together
Each day fond memories we would gather.

She waited for me and I waited for her
And we would never enter the room without each other.

Now we are apart I know,
But we still communicate through the window.

Dear Roommate, I promise, you wait and see
That I will be always there whenever you need

Rooms can apart but my disturbing you will again start..

Our communication process continues
And Dear Roommate I really miss you...

PS: Written in class 12th for Abha Kakkar :)))


  1. How cute !!!


  2. Yes i too remember dis one... you shared it wid us dat time back den i feel... i have faint memories of it too... How cute !! :-)
    Divya Kamboj

  3. hey i think i'm also a part of THIS a way.....