Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Star I saw Last Night..

It was a summer night
And I was gazing at the sky
When I saw the star
twinkling in the night

I was all alone is what I thought
I was wrong, the star told me so
It showed me the right way to live
Never expect to get something but give

The star too was alone - Yes I saw
It never told me about that though

But the star did tell the secret of its happiness
- love everyone

There are people who have everyone
And there are people without anyone

The twinkling star really makes me feel glad
Though my fate at time make me go mad

But I have to live - happily or sad
Our life has two colors - white and black

The Star I saw last night told me that

Written when I was in class 12th :)

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  1. There should be a reaction section called "Senti" I would have clicked it for this one.