Thursday, June 9, 2011

Moon behind the clouds...

Last night the Moon was out after many days
I saw it, Chanda too saw it but with a purdah on her face

She is still the victim of our old customs and logic-less believes
The Adams of today have all rights But what about Eve

She did not go to school, not even out of her house
She stayed behind the four walls just like a scared mouse

Who says women of today have all rights
That's wrong, coz for their freedom, they still have to fight

Woman are supposed to back home by Seven
But nobody questions a Man, even if comes at Eleven

Sometimes they cant go out coz of the eve teasers and such devils
Even a political leader can't solve this problem, even if he says he will

70% of our people are still behind the dark clouds of customs and believes
When will this cloud scatter, free us and leave

This question bothers me throughout the day
Nights pass by thinking about them and finding ways

In the end I wish all of us the best
And Let it be us again and not GOD who will do the rest.

PS:Again written during school days :)

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