Saturday, July 30, 2011

Creativity at its best

Creativity at its best

I am totally amazed at the amount of stuff that’s available online and the way it has been creatively done and put forth.

I sometimes feel, we (as in customers) are not the bosses anymore; we are slaves (to the creativity).

I never noticed them earlier, probably due to lack of time but now when I sit and browse I see how things have changed over a period of time, how business (es) have taken shape, how an idea can generate money and how social networks can actually sell them. Or we can probably say creativity was always there but it never reached the masses. And I must say Facebook has played a very important role in this.

I also read somewhere today that “One” is a dangerous number. What that means is “Well, nothing can hurt you MORE than relying on one of anything. For example one job, one income source, one customer etc.”

I cannot really comment on it right now to say if it’s actually true or not but here I would like to focus on the creativity aspect and introduce some of my findings and share it with you all.

There are lots of them but some which caught my attention on FB:

Megha owns this and she does it as a hobby along with her full time bank job (so you see she doesn’t rely on just that ONE). She does amazing job with the craftwork that she has taken up and can customize it to any extent of satisfying all the customers. She can make invitation cards, personalized towels, albums, cushions, bed spreads etc.
The one thing out of all these that caught my attention was

I am so attached to all the clothes that my son wears that at no cost I want to part with them. So when I looked at the above link, I felt assured that I can store everything so artistically. You give her all your clothes and she will craft it and stick it creatively to a quilt and she calls it MEMORY QUILT. Interesting isn’t it? So simple yet so thoughtful.

I have never been into fashionism (I know no such word I just use it) but creativity catches my attention immediately. You will rarely see me dressed in any big brands or dwell into jewelry of any kind but Benaazir (refered as Ben by her known folks) caught me completely not just with her hand crafted unique jewellery but also with the photography.

Trust me even if you are a guy and holds no interest in jewels, you will definitely get caught by the way lot of her jewels are presented. The profile picture of this page just took me completely.  The panache and flair with which it is done is worth having a look at least once. And the best part is, what you will get here will be unique coz she rarely makes two pieces of same kind. After all no woman likes to be spotted sharing the same stuff with any other woman.

Another very interesting aspect, not really creativity but definitely a creative idea

They rent branded toys. They started this when they found that every child gets bored playing with the same set of toys again and again. So is it worth spending so much on the toys, which the children are definitely going to outgrow faster than you think.

Sometimes its not just about the money you spend on toys, space is another constraint too, so the idea is definitely unique and thoughtful. Kudos to them.

Creativity comes with a risk but if you fear risk, you cannot be creative. And for us, creativity comes at a price with little or no bargain.

If you want to be creative, here is a quote from Dee Hock for you:-
“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out. Every mind is a building filled with archaic furniture. Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.”


  1. nice findings... enjoyed reading it and surfing the links.

  2. wow rupali...some really interesting thoughts! :)