Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Winning Sari

I generally don’t opt for contests; for simple reasons like, I don’t trust my luck on free stuff and second I feel these contests are just marketing gimmicks and not meant for people like me.

I saw this contest from Kalazone  (KZ) on facebook and just passed by it; I never thought of playing it seriously and winning it either. The KZ contest was on, for more than the usual time and I didn’t still think I should participate. However, the KZ media person approached me and told me that I was one of the active members on their page, so why don’t I play the contest. He also mentioned that the contest wasn’t going on that fast pace, as it should. I asked him if the free sari is true and I stand a chance to get it if I win, he assured it is. So I thought of trying it out (I don’t loose anything out) and if I win, I stand a chance to win a free Sari. That’s a good deal isn’t it? For a woman, a sari and that too free is always a good surprise. And I took his words more seriously than I would have ever taken my bosses at work :)

All I had to do was to ask 25 of my friends to go to KZ page and like it. It does sound simple here but trust me it took me a hell lot of time and friends to convince.

I was on a mission now. I started with this contest seriously on a Wednesday night. I asked all my family members to go and like the page with a promise that if I win, they can wear the sari too J.  But that was just 6 “likes” on the page. So I went ahead and started requesting any and every person I found online on FB at that time. It started moving and I had about 16-17 people in the night itself.

My husband was supposed to be on a tour of 15 days from the next evening and he was sitting and watching me do all this; instead of spending time with him. He was quite amused at what I was doing asking even all guys to go and like the page. Honestly, I was amused too but I had a free Sari in mind, so I didn’t really care who I was asking.

I have a 4-month old baby to take care of, so I couldn’t stretch trying it more than that in the night. So I went off to sleep but still was wondering in my mind, do I still hold a chance to win?

Well, the following morning, I finished all the household chores, put my baby to sleep and went back on my mission. And I was just 8 “Likes” away and I had to do, I was not going to give up. Some friends helped me to the extent of making their wives my friend and then asking them to like it :)

And then here I was with 25 friends and the 25th person was a guy too who first liked the page and then asked me what is it all about :).  (Thank you all for your help)

I sent KZ the code and a got a prompt response with a “congratulation” message and not just get a free sari but to choose a free sari from their “Shweta Tiwari Collection” range. Now that’s what you call winning, you don’t get a free gift, you choose one for yourself.

I received the chosen gift (S3156 code, if anyone wants to check that one) in less than a week’s time. And when I wore it, the compliments that I received were so warm and heartfelt, that now I look forward for more of their contest. Honestly, I have also chosen the next sari in mind, if I win the contest ;)

The KZ sari’s are quite pretty and more than that they are very reasonable so much so that you can buy one for every occasion.  But I wouldn’t suggest it for people who are into designer stuff.

I keep writing on the stuff that I like, that it sounds like an indirect marketing or publicity for them. 

But trust me folks, I don’t get anything in return except the appreciations from people who like my findings. I write because I want to share my findings and want people to know what’s there in market to look for. 

Happy finding, Ciao.